The Guide to Writing
a Terrific Dear Birthmother Letter

Table Of Contents

Foreword: "Beginning Your Adoption Journey"
by Carole LieberWilkins, M.A.,
Marriage and Family Therapist, Adoption Counselor


The Golden Rules

•Ten ideas central to both writing a great letter and developing a positive mental attitude toward the adoption process.

The Language of Adoption

•The language of adoption is the language of your children's self-esteem. Here's the positive way to express yourself.


•Length, tone, voice, writing style--a series of easy to keep-in-mind tips for writing a letter that sounds like you.

A Variety of Letter Forms

•I? We? What's my point of view? This chapter reviews a variety of different ways to construct your presentation. Lots of examples, too.

The Major Subject Areas Explained

•Religion? Family? Child rearing? There are so many subject areas you could cover. This chapter breaks them all down, providing a clear understanding of what expectant parents are interested in learning and counseling about common mistakes to avoid. Multiple examples of different approaches illustrate each subject area.

Making your Letter Terrific

•Four essential tips to help you communicate your story vividly.

A Few Pet Peeves

•Common mistakes to avoid.

The Writing Process: A Step-by-step Approach

•A series of easy writing steps to help you and your partner write together, and to assure that your final letter is as great as it can be.

Selecting Great Photos

Layout & Design


Appendices: Sample Letters

“It is the most insightful, enjoyable and helpful collection of information that I have read pertaining to open adoption. Thanks again for putting together such a wonderful book of suggestions, easy to follow guidelines and for sharing your personal experience.”
-Terry Schmitz


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